Daniel Turner


Adding experienced, high-end proposal writing expertise to your organization (when and how you need it) makes sense on so many levels.  Here are the core services — from writing and editing to publication and presentation — that I provide to help you achieve your goals ...

Having written and edited hundreds of major proposals and RFPs — for both public and private sector clients around the world — I have developed an invaluable appreciation of the multiple factors (beyond the actual written words) that contribute to a winning proposal.

Evaluating a potential client's "on-the-face-of-it" requirements is just the first step. It is also critical to understand their expectations, internal culture, external relationships, market position and financial constraints in order to obtain the best possible result.

Scripting a clear, concise, and compelling proposal may not, in itself, achieve the desired impact — unless one has a real sense of these additional elements.

What is offered here is 1) the ability to author a captivating presentation and 2) the wisdom (based on years of experience) to research and pre-evaluate the factors that will, to a great extent, determine and maximize the ultimate effectiveness of any proposal.

Proposal submission standards or requirements, as specified by a prospective contractor or client, are often limited by what they perceive as methods and formats that are generally available to those organizations that are invited to submit a written bid.  On the other hand ...

Being able to offer a media-rich presentation, which is inclusive of those standards (and covers all requirements), but goes beyond expectations, can provide bidders with a significant advantage.

Documents that were once available only in static printed form can now be assembled with high-end DTP tools (InDesign) and/or linked to streamed multimedia content — before being securely distributed (whenever appropriate), with encryption-based technologies through the Internet, Cloud-based services, and mobile applications.

Having access to these capabilities (even if the client does not ultimately require them) can produce a positive impression and provide advantages — on both sides of the proposal preparation and evaluation process.


Many years of experience working on proposal development, high-end content creation, and mixed media presentation — in addition to an extensive career in global business development — has contributed towards a rich and diverse set of skills (see skill map below), which has been used on behalf of clients (corporate and government) that operate in 35 countries and more than 60 distinct industries.

Aerial Photogrammetry
Aerospace Engineering
Airborne Navigation
Airport Infrastructure
Artificial Intelligence
Automated Customer Support
Business Consulting
Civil Engineering
Commercial Banking
Crisis Response Management
Custom Software Engineering
Development Banking
Digital Mapping
Digital Media Design
Economic Modeling
Electronic Engineering
Environmental Monitoring
Facility Management
Federal Trade Mission
Firmware Design
Flight Simulation
Franchising (Restaurant)
Geodetic Engineering
Global Trading
Government Finance
Graphic Simulation
Ground Transportation (HSST)
Hotels & Resorts

Information Systems (GIS)
Instrumentation & Control
Investment Banking
Land Policy Development
Land Survey
Law Enforcement
Management Training
Medical Equipment
Meteorological Monitoring
Military Contracting
Mobile Technologies
Multimedia Production
Musical Instruments
National Infrastructure Planning
Natural Gas
Packaged Software
Photography (Architectural)
Port Administration
Publishing (Tech Manuals)
Rail Transportation
Remote Sensing
Resource Management (ERM)
Satellite Positioning
Sports (F1 Racing)
Utility Management
Video Production
Web Design
Website Development
Workstation Production

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